Knowing Us

Some applications may pack their features to the brim, but might not be user-friendly enough. Others may look seemingly nice, but lack functionalities that really meet the users’ needs. When will applications be truly developed the way users want them?

We got tired of waiting.

NiiDees aims to develop applications the way users would want them to be. Be it mobile applications, web-based or client-based applications, or a combination of them, NiiDees Stuff keep evolving to meet your changing needs.

If you’ve a suggestion for a feature that can improve the usability of our existing applications further, do drop us a note. We may incorporate it in the next upgrade because you asked for it.

If you’re searching high and low for a product that can truly answer your needs but still find it elusive, let us know. We may just develop a new application because you asked for it.

We just started so our offerings are limited in numbers.

But the philosophy behind each application that we develop is the same – build them the way users would want them…