Park-a-Lot { SG }

Park-a-Lot { SG } is a useful app for checking parking rates and helps you to find alternative parking places (option to list by cheapest rates or shortest distance) near your destination in Singapore (>580 carparks listed).  

You can calculate the approx. total parking fee based on your estimated parking duration. Besides parking rates, you can also access other useful parking-related info like height restriction, parking promotions, entry to carpark by which road, etc.

There will be frequent updates on addition of new carparks, parking rates and related info. More useful features will also be added periodically.

Simply download the FREE app today. Remember, if you park a lot, you’ll need Park-a-Lot { SG }!

Fuel-Me-Up { SG }

Want to know the latest fuel prices or be alerted whenever there is a change in petrol prices in Singapore?

Running low on fuel and need to locate the nearest petrol station urgently? Fuel-Me-Up { SG } is a useful app that can help you with these and more.

From “92 Unleaded” to “Premium” grade petrol, you can view the various petrol prices of Caltex, Esso, Shell and SPC at a glance.

Alerts will be sent out whenever there is a change in petrol prices.

You can also locate fuel stations easily (including electric charging points for electric vehicles), check if a particular station has car-wash facilities, view the list of petrol discounts, etc.

Simply download the FREE Fuel-Me-Up { SG } today for better fuel management!


Spot-O-Mania: Global Challenge is a fun iPhone/iPod touch game that tests your observational skills in spotting visual differences in challenging photos.

Unlike the traditional Spot-the-Difference game, you can purchase "Helplets" (Hints, Time Boosters & Lives) or even play simultaneously with a friend who has this game installed in their iPhone/iPod touch (makes use of Bluetooth).

You can also see how well you fare against other global players in the in-game ranking charts.

Simply download Spot-O-Mania, and join in the global challenge today!