Fuel-Me-Up { SG }

Want to know the latest fuel prices or be alerted whenever there is a change in petrol prices in Singapore?

Running low on fuel and need to locate the nearest petrol station urgently? Fuel-Me-Up { SG } is a useful app that can help you with these and more.

From “92 Unleaded” to “Premium” grade petrol, you can view the various petrol prices of Caltex, Esso, Shell and SPC at a glance.

Alerts will be sent out whenever there is a change in petrol prices.

You can also locate fuel stations easily (including electric charging points for electric vehicles), check if a particular station has car-wash facilities, view the list of petrol discounts, etc.


 Category: Travel

 Released: 10 November 2012

 Version: 1.3


  • Listing of Fuel Prices by Brands
  • Price Change Alert (via Push Notification)
  • Ad Hoc Special Petrol Discounts Alert (via Push Notification)
  • Listing of Fuel Stations by Types of Fuel
  • Listing of Fuel Stations by Brands of Petrol
  • Search for Nearby Stations from Current Location
  • Search for Nearby Stations from Destination
  • Add fuel brands and types to Favourite List for quick reference and price change alerts
  • View Maps of Fuel Stations
  • Fuel Station Related Info
  • Listing of Petrol Discounts

Tell us what other features you would like to be added to the app and we’ll try our best to incorporate them, where feasible.


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